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China is an attractive but challenging market. A reliable local partner to help navigate the country’s complex landscape is a key factor to success in China.

Smart PR in Greater China

With offices in Shanghai and Taipei, Mediaplus is well-positioned to help clients succeed in the Greater China region and North Asia.

We offer strategic communication advice and create high-quality online content and events that will sway your Chinese target audience.

Navigating new markets

Mediaplus (est. 1996) has a wealth of experience in supporting companies from around the globe develop their brands and business in Greater China.


“Happy employees make happy customers.” Our high staff retention rate, deep organizational memory, and trusted networks help deliver impressive results fast.


Clients look to Mediaplus for boots-on-the ground China insight and for hands-on help with navigating China’s unique and daunting media landscape.


Clients also rely on us to package and position their product or service with a proposition, brand image, and tone of voice that resonate with Chinese target audiences, intermediaries, and stakeholders.

Contact us today to find out how we can boost your bottom line in China too.



We’re a boutique public relations firm that offers integrated market communication services across Greater China:


  • Communication strategy

  • Campaign plans

  • Market monitoring


  • Multimedia

  • Social media

  • Websites

  • Corporate style


  • Branding campaigns

  • Corporate events

  • Product launches

  • Press conferences

Media Plus


• Office: Shanghai 


• Contact:

                  +86 131 6719 5626

• WeChat: constancechaocn


• Projects: Check out some of our successful client cases


Media Plus


• Office: Taipei

• Contact:

                  +886-2 2739 6459

• Projects: Check out some of our successful client cases



From strategy to perfect execution, our creative team stands ready to deliver the results you want in Greater China.

Have a look at some of our successful client cases.



Constance Chao


Explorer. Networker. Builder

of teams and narratives.

Founder and developer of our company across Greater China.

Strengths: Strategy, resource integration, multi-party synergy, media network, issue management, international relations

Peter Huang

Creative Director 

Playful and creative, Peter cherishes his family and home. His daughter’s cleverness and joyfulness inspires his creative work.

Strengths: video direction and production, dynamic photography

Rebecca Chiu

Market Communications Director

From international corporate events to outreach in the countryside - Rebecca is at home anywhere. Connecting people, creating ideas, delivering the goodies. On target, on budget, on time. Every time.

Strengths: Organizing events, executing publicity drives, media relations, topic development 

Leo Chen

Art Director 

An avid media consumer and critic, Leo knows how to create catchy 3D animations, persuasive video clips, and intuitive websites. “Creativity with a purpose,” as he puts it.

Strengths: Crafting animations, building websites, creating multimedia productions






Contact us for a no-strings-attached discussion of your challenges and chances in China, and discover how we can make you conquer your fair share of the Chinese market.

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